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Beguiled Consent Policy

Beguiled recognizes that there is no universal consensus on what proper consent practices are or should be. That said, this consent policy represents how the Beguiled organizers expect attendees to conduct themselves in their play and may be used to help determine whether an actionable consent incident has occurred.

Revocable Consent

Any participant in a scene may withdraw their consent, in whole or in part, at any time during the scene for any reason or for no reason at all. Scene partners are expected to accept that withdrawal and conduct themselves accordingly. It is the responsibility of every scene partner to say something if they feel there is an issue with the scene and to check in with people who might not be communicating to make sure they are OK.


Before a scene takes place, the participants are expected to negotiate the parameters of the scene. The exact form taken by the negotiation is entirely at the discretion of the participants, and will normally vary depending on factors such as environment, time, or existing relationships.

Beguiled provides a Negotiation Worksheet that can be used to document negotiated parameters of a scene; use of this worksheet is generally optional unless one or more of the people involved in the scene is required to use it as a condition of being allowed to play.

Negotiation should be conducted with all participants on an equal power footing unless relationship dynamics dictate otherwise. Participants should be in a state of mind in which they can make their own judgments and give informed, affirmative consent; do not enter negotiations with someone who appears to be unable to do that. Do not attempt to influence, persuade, or coerce people by deliberately employing techniques such as covert hypnosis, waking suggestion, or neurolinguistic programming methods during negotiations.

Once a scene has begun, any participant may still choose to withdraw agreement or consent for a previously agreed-on activity for any reason or for no stated reason. Do not attempt to re-negotiate during a scene to add previously rejected activities or overrule previously negotiated limits.

Established Partners

Established partners are individuals who play together regularly, or who are involved in a personal relationship which may include more than play. Established partners always have the right to waive, alter, or substitute their own guidelines for those in this policy when playing with each other as long as all participants have voluntarily agreed to it.

Consent Incident Handling

A consent incident is any situation in which someone feels that something significant happened to them without their consent. A consent incident can happen during play or in general interactions. It is the policy of Beguiled to take all reasonable measures to support anyone involved in a consent incident and to resolve the incident as fairly, discreetly, and efficiently as possible.

Beguiled provides a consent team to support our attendees. The role of the consent team is to ensure that everyone involved in a possible consent incident is heard, understood, and supported, and to gather information from the people involved in the incident. The consent team will submit a report to the Beguiled ConCom after everyone involved has been heard, and the ConCom will then make a decision as to what actions, if any, to take.

For more information on how Beguiled handles consent incidents and other consent- or policy- related complaints, please see the Beguiled Report Handling Procedure document.